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Most extinct animals are only known from bone fossils. Thanks to global warming a plethora of frozen mammoth carcasses have been discovered in Siberia


 Mammoth tusks were mammoth                                         


One characteristic of the mammoth was its head was high on its shoulder.



A recently discovered fossil in China may prove to be, at  17 feet tall, not only the largest mammoth to have existed. The specimen by mass may be the  largest mammal to have existed.


       ​Luba, the frozen baby mammoth made a sensation  in May of 2007 when a completely intact carcass was exhumed on the Yuribei River in Yamal Peninsula of Russia. Before Luba many partial carcasses had been discovered as old or older in the frozen Tundra of Siberia. Luba was 37,000 years old.​           Luba.jpg

Cloning tissue 37,000 years old problematic since DNA degrades with time. So when this mammoth was discovered with flowing blood in May, 2013 it was found to be a mere 10,000 years old , the possibility of cloning took a big step forward. This animal when frozen did not thaw out bringing forward DNA with minimal degradation. The challenge now is to isolate nuclear material, implant an egg derived from an elephant, and await the 22 month gestation period.

bloodmammoth.jpg ​