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How much fun it would be to frolic with the Short Faced bear is surely a matter of debate. Unfortunately, we may never know. When man showed up in North America, Cave bears disappeared along with all the other mega fauna. Cave Bears may have been starved out due to the loss of their prey species or it could have been all out war between man and bear.



The reason mankind did not inhabit North or South America before 20,000 years ago, quite frankly, may have been the lack of technology. The spears that were supplying game to European populations and others were simply incapable of thwarting the predators of prehistoric America. Especially the short face bear. The cartoon at left belittles the power and size of these creatures. Estimated at weighing 2 tons, capable of running 60 mph, (as fast as any thourghbred), and standing 15 feet on their hind legs, close quarter combat was not a viable option.


Do not point spear at bear 


   Leave spear at home


The skelaton above left is of an elephant. The man is holding the anologist front forarm bone of a cave bear

pictured at right.


In front, a grizzley,in center a polar, and in back a giant short-face bear,